Midheaven Denim

Celeste Sweater

$ 275

Midheaven's New Crop Cardigan Button Down

100% Merino Wool

Comes in Two Colorways 

This light, breathable sweater is made of 100% Merino Wool. We chose Merino Wool for many reasons. Merino Wool is by nature antimicrobial, super soft yet durable and biodegradable. These sweaters are made with love to last while having low environmental impact.
Midheaven has always taken pride in the materials we source to make our products. The softness we were able to achieve by using these fibers is what sold us. We hope you love this sweater well and as much as we do.

Sleeve Length from Shoulder:

S - 20.5"

M - 20 3/4"

L - 21"

XL - 21 3/4"

Body Length from Shoulder:

S - 22"

M - 23"

L - 24"

XL - 25"


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